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Thermoset Systems for Battery Enclosures

We offer innovative fire-resistant material solutions to produce battery enclosures.  The phenolic product has been designed for traditional sheet molding compound processes and does not require any fillers or intumescent coatings to achieve its fire-retardant performance. The epoxy product brings structural integrity in combination with continuous fiber and can be formulated with fillers to meet fire safety requirements. Both product solutions addresses increasing concerns on the fire safety risks of battery packs having increasing energy density.

Battery Enclosures

EPIKOTETM Resin SystemsCuring Conditions
Time[min]Temp[oC]Glass Transition
Temp [°C] (DSC Midpoint)
Process Typical Applications 
EPONOL Resin TRAC 06921
EPIKURE Curing Agent TRAC 06921
HELOXY Additive TRAC 06951
HELOXY Additive TRAC 06961 Black
2 min–3 min140–150 °CHeat deflection
250–300 °C
SMCBattery enclosures, structural parts with FST properties
 Remarks: Intrinsic fire resistant mateiral, excellent wetting of fibres and flow & molding characteristics,
adjustable maturation SMC compound.
EPIKOTE Resin TRAC 06000
EPIKURE Curing Agent TRAC 06130
HELOXY Additive TRAC 06805
90 sec–3 min115–130oC110oC–120oCRTM
Battery enclosures, structural parts with FST properties
 Remarks:Very short cycle time, long resin injection window, excellent thermal and mechanical properties. This system is preferably combined with Internal Mold Release Heloxy Additive TRAC 06805. Westlake Epoxy can provide processing guidelines to combine with ATH fillers to achieve thermal and fire resistance. 


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