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Binders, Repair, Tooling and Other Products

Because we, too, inhabit the shop floor, we know it’s not enough to just supply the resins for infusion, layup and bonding. If our customers are to differentiate through efficient production, they need “end-to-end” solutions to facilitate all the steps in turbine and rotor blade manufacture and repair, from prototyping through molding—and the technical input to make it all work.

Binder system features:

  • Fix fabrics in place for proper laminate positioning during lay-up
  • Actually crosslink into the cured laminate via epoxy functionality (PR685, PR687 and PR688)
  • Utilize a novel hotmelt spray-swirl application technique (05390)

Repair system features:

  • Cartridge delivery makes field repairs easy
  • Performs in many environmental conditions
  • Excellent bonding to various substrates, even metal
  • Easy 2:1 mixing ratio

Tooling system features:

  • Good chemical resistance
  • Superior fiber wetting
  • High Tg (>160°C)
  • Low exotherm
  • Low initial mix viscosity
  • Long/extended pot life


Epoxy Resin ProductApplicationsRemarks
Binders, Repair, Tooling and Other Products
EPIKOTE Resin MGS PR685Binder
  • Novel epoxy-based binder concept utilizing hot-melt spray/swirl application
EPIKOTE Resin 05390Binder
  • Proven preform binder concept based on advanced epoxy resin technology
EPIKOTE Resin MGS BP 20Adhesive
  • Cartridge system for field and site repair
  • Ambient cure
  • Good adhesion on unprepped surfaces
  • Composite-to-metal bonding
EPIKOTE Resin TR 200Tooling
  • Repair-friendly tooling gelcoat
EPIKOTE Resin TR 300Tooling
  • Hard-surface, high-Tg gelcoats for durable molds
EPIKOTE Resin TR 900Tooling
  • Coupling layer for EPIKOTE Resin TR 300
EPIKOTE Resin MGS RIM 935Tooling Resin
  • Benchmark for tooling in the wind energy industry
  • High-Tg, low viscosity tooling system
  • Infusion-capable
EPIKOTE Resin 04434Tooling Resin
  • High-Tg tooling system for up to 180°C

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