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EPI-REZ™ Waterborne Epoxy Resins: a World of Opportunities

EPI-REZ waterborne epoxy resins are a diverse range of epoxy resins dispersed in water for ease of handling and to reduce the safety and environmental challenges associated with solvent-based resins. When combined with appropriate EPIKURE™ curing agents, EPI-REZ resins enable development of low or zero VOC waterborne systems in the numerous applications listed below.

These systems can be diluted with water to reduce solids or to lower viscosity. EPI-REZ resins are compatible with a wide variety of curing agents, wetting aids, fillers, and other additives. They can be tailored for specific processing and performance requirements including fast dry, good corrosion resistance, and excellent adhesion. EPI-REZ waterborne resins may also be combined with other waterborne polymers, such as polyurethanes, various latex polymers and phenolic resins, to achieve unique performance properties.

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