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HELOXY™ Epoxy Resin Modifiers: Ever Expanding Options

To increase versatility in epoxy performance, Westlake Epoxy offers its line of HELOXY reactive modifiers. These are epoxy functionalized alcohols, diols, polyols and acids that allow formulators to customize epoxy resin system features above and beyond what is already available in our wide selection of epoxy resins.

HELOXY modifiers serve several functions. They are used to reduce viscosity and surface tension for improved handling and application, or to modify performance characteristics such as strength, adhesion, and flexibility. As epoxy functional materials, they react into the resin system. Once reacted, HELOXY modifiers become evenly and permanently bound into the polymer network and do not migrate to the interface under normal conditions, which makes them different and superior to solvents or nonvolatile plasticizers.

Westlake Epoxy offers three classes of HELOXY modifiers to meet a variety of applications:

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