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Aliphatic Amine Curing Agents

EPIKURE™ aliphatic amine curing agents deliver:

  • A high degree of chemical resistance
  • Rapid room temperature cure
  • Low viscosity
  • Low color
  • High heat distortion temperatures

(For enhancements, see modified aliphatic amines for adjusted reactivities, viscosities, blush resistance and film performance.)

Westlake Epoxy's EPIKURE aliphatic amines are particularly useful for:

  • Solvent-free coatings
  • Civil engineering systems (flooring, patch repair)
  • Chemical-resistant tank linings
  • Industrial flooring
  • Adhesives
  • Hand lay-up laminating systems
  • Composites
  • Tooling
  • Casting
  • Molding
  • As accelerators for other amine curing agents

EPIKURE 3200 Series (Aliphatic Amines)

ProductTypical PropertiesDescriptionApplication
Resin TypeViscocity at 25oC, CpEq.Wt.CoatingsConstructionCompositesAll Others(1)
EPIKURE Curing Agent 3200Aliphatic Amine 2043Aminoethylpiperazine
EPIKURE Curing Agent 3202Aliphatic Amine 100 max37Alternative to EPIKURE 3223 and 3234 for use in adhesives, grouts and tooling
EPIKURE Curing Agent 3223Aliphatic Amine1020.7Diethylenetriamine
EPIKURE Curing Agent 3230Polyether Amine960Low viscosity difunctional polyetheramine with good flexibility and impact resistance
EPIKURE Curing Agent 3233Polyether Amine7081Low viscosity trifunctional polyetheramine with good flexibility and impact resistance
EPIKURE Curing Agent 3234Aliphatic Amine2524.5Triethylenetetramine
EPIKURE Curing Agent 3245Aliphatic Amine10027.2Tetraethylenepentamine
EPIKURE Curing Agent 3253Tertiary Amine180-380N/AAccelerator for amine cured epoxy and urethane polymerization

(1) Other applications include adhesives, electrical castings, electrical laminates and fibers

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