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Modified Aliphatic Amines

Westlake Epoxy offers a broad range of EPIKURE™ modified aliphatic amine curing agents based on various technologies, including adduct hardeners, Mannich base hardeners and variations thereof. Useful in a broad range of applications, these special curing agents include:

  • Mannich base hardener EPIKURE Curing Agent 3251:
  • Highly reactive
  • Suitable for most civil engineering and coatings applications
  • Other EPIKURE modified aliphatic amine hardeners:
  • Excellent low temperature cure
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for most marine, maintenance and refinishing applications

EPIKURE 3200 SERIES (Modified Aliphatic Amines)

ProductTypical PropertiesDescriptionApplication
Resin TypeViscocity at 25oC, CpEq.Wt.CoatingsConstructionCompositesAll Others(1)
EPIKURE Curing Agent 3251Mannich Base Amine400-70076Lower temperature, high humidity applications
EPIKURE Curing Agent 3270Modified Aliphatic Amine4000-7000142High reactivity and provides blush-resistant films
EPIKURE Curing Agent 3271Modified Aliphatic Amine100-20034High reactivity applications and lower temperature cure
EPIKURE Curing Agent 3273Modified Aliphatic Amine1200-200090High reactivity curing agent for adhesive and traffic striping
EPIKURE Curing Agent 3274Modified Aliphatic Amine40-6072Low color, blush and sweat-out-free films
EPIKURE Curing Agent 3277Modified Aliphatic Amine27592Blush and sweat-out-free films for flooring and high build systems; damp surface and underwater cure capability
EPIKURE Curing Agent 3282Aliphatic Amine Adduct2900-490038High reactivity; tooling, gel coats, FRP and adhesives
EPIKURE Curing Agent 3290Aliphatic Amine Adduct350-45048FRP, molding and flooring; provides 98°C heat deflection temp with EPON™ 828 and heat cure
EPIKURE Curing Agent 3292-FX-60Aliphatic Amine Adduct2300-3600140Lower temperature cure; supplied in n-butanol/xylene
EPIKURE Curing Agent 3295Aliphatic Amine Adduct125-20545Electrical, tooling and FRP applications
EPIKURE Curing Agent 3253 AcceleratorTertiary Amine180-380N/AAccelerator for amine cured epoxy systems and for epoxy and urethane polymerization

(1) Other applications include adhesives, electrical castings, electrical laminates and fibers

For more information, see Starting Formulations, Technical Data Sheets, or speak with a representative.

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