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Powder Coating Curatives

With careful curing agent selection and appropriate formulation, EPIKURE™ powder coating curatives can be used to formulate powder coatings with a wide range of processing and end-performance properties. Features and benefits include:

  • For metal substrates
  • Either dicyandiamide-based or phenolic hydroxyl-terminated
  • Typically dry-blended with our line of EPON™ solid epoxy resins (EPON Resin 2000 series)
  • Spray applied
  • Curing temperature range from 120 to 220°C
  • Useful in industrial, automotive and decorative coating applications

EPIKURE P-SERIES (Imidazole Adducts, Accelerated Dicyandiamides, and Linear Phenolics)

ProductTypical PropertiesDescriptionApplication
Resin TypeMelt Viscosity at 150oC, cPAlkalinityCoatingsConstructionCompositesAll Others(1)
EPIKURE Curing Agent P-100Imidazole Adduct85-1053.7-3.9Epoxy imidazole adduct for curing powder coatings
EPIKURE Curing Agent P-101 Imidazole Adduct-3.5-3.8Finely powdered epoxy-imidazole adduct with flow agent
EPIKURE Curing Agent P-104DICY Imidazole Adduct-1.7-2.1Finely powdered, catalyzed dicyandiamide with short gel time for functional powder coatings
EPIKURE Curing Agent P-108 DICY Imidazole Adduct-0.6-0.8Finely powdered, catalyzed dicyandiamide with longer gel time than P-104
EPIKURE Curing Agent P-202Phenolic75-850.23-0.26Imidazole catalyzed, linear phenolic for decorative powder coatings

(1) Other applications include adhesives, electrical castings, electrical laminates and fibers

For more information, see Starting Formulations, Technical Data Sheets, or speak with a representative.

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