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Epoxy Systems for Fibers and Textile Applications

Westlake Epoxy has decades of experience developing waterborne epoxy resins that improve the processing and performance of fibers and textiles. Westlake Epoxy's waterborne epoxy resins are used as film formers that enable the development of tailored, high performance sizing formulations for glass, carbon, basalt and other fibers, resulting in structural composites with optimal properties. Our waterborne epoxy resins are also used in single- and multi-dip adhesive formulations for synthetic reinforcing fibers to improve performance of tires and mechanical rubber goods. Furthermore, combining waterborne epoxy resins with appropriate curing agents allows the formulation of a variety of water-based treatments and binder systems for textiles and nonwovens, bringing the high performance of cured epoxy systems to fiber applications.

Additional information is available about the Westlake Epoxy products and systems for the following applications:

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