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Epoxy Systems with improved UV-Resistance

By incorporating improved UV-resistant epoxy resins into your coatings, you will save time and money. 

Floor coatings normally combine a liquid epoxy resin with a cycloaliphatic amine curing agent. To protect the epoxy layer, a polyurethane topcoat is added but this means:

  • Potential exposure to isocyanates
  • Longer down time


By using an improved UV-resistant epoxy system in your flooring formulation, you can move from two coatings layers to only one layer.  This will save your customers’ time and money.

Exterior coatings for metal protection currently uses three coating layers. This means:

  • More materials usage
  • Higher labor costs
  • Longer down time

By incorporating a improved UV-Resistant Resin coating layer, you can remove the polyurethane topcoat to save time and improve worker safety by eliminating the use of isocyanates in the topcoat layer.

lower yellowing diagram

Lower Yellowing Epoxy Systems

Westlake offers a range of lower yellowing epoxy system suitable for applications ranging from epoxy coatings to adhesives and construction formulations. With more than seventy years of manufacturing experience, our dedicated new product development experts, technical service, quality, and customer service help us to meet the daily demands of your business.

Our product offerings for improved UV-resistant epoxy coatings are:

EPONEX™ Resin 1510 

One of the first innovations was an improved, UV-resistant epoxy resin called EPONEX™ Resin 1510. This lower viscosity, cycloaliphatic epoxy resin is used for developing outdoor UV-resistant epoxy coatings, due to its hydrogenated BPA chemical composition.

eponex 1510 epikure 196 coating test

*EPIKURE Curing Agent 196 not available in the USA.

EPOSIL™ Resin 5550

For improved outdoor durable coatings, a hybrid epoxy/polysiloxane system using EPOSIL™ Resin 5550 provides:

  • improved gloss retention
  • higher hardness development and faster dry
  • clear coat

Hybrid epoxy coatings are used for applications such as graffiti-resistance and other protective coating applications.

5550 graffitti sm

EPI-REZ™ Resin 7510-W-60 

To formulate higher performance institutional coatings, a waterborne epoxy system that combines EPI-REZ™ Resin 7510-W-60 with an acid-functional acrylic resin is recommended. These acrylic/epoxy hybrid coatings are faster dry and lower yellowing than standard epoxy systems.


NEW! INFINIUM™ Lower Yellowing Epoxy System  

Westlakes’s newest development is the INFINIUM™ Lower Yellowing Epoxy System that performs like an epoxy and resists yellowing like a polyurethane. This exciting new binder system, designed for indoor durable coatings to protect concrete or wood surfaces, will save you both time and money.

INFINIUM™ Lower Yellowing Epoxy System


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