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EPON™ Resin 1001F


EPON™ Resin 1001F is a low molecular weight solid epoxy resin derived from a liquid epoxy resin and bisphenol-A. EPON Resin 1001F is used for its application or end-use advantages in both structural and surface-coating applications as follows:

Structural applications

Because of the excellent pre-impregnation properties, EPON Resin 1001F is used in:

  • Dry lay-up laminates
  • Dry filament winding
  • Transfer molding compounds 

Surface coatings

Amine or polyamide cured coatings based on EPON Resin 1001F provide excellent:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Durability
  • Toughness
  • Adhesion

Because of these performance properties, amine and polyamide cured coatings are especially useful in maintenance and marine applications.

Sales Specification

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Color 200 Pt-Co ASTM D445
Viscosity at 25°C ¹ 7 - 9.6 cP ASTM D445
Weight per Epoxide 525 - 550 g/eq ASTM D1652

1 40% weight solution in MEK

Typical Properties

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Bulk Density 36 - 40 lbs/ft³
Esterification Equivalent Weight ¹ 145
Flash Point Setaflash 200 - 0 °F ASTM D3278
Hydroxyl Content Calculated Value 0.29
Melting Point 75 - 80 °C ASTM D-3461
Sodium Content 2 ppm HC-692A
Viscosity Melt, @ 150°C 600 - 750 ASTM D445-79
Weight per Gallon @ 68°F 10.2 lbs

1Grams of resin required to esterify completely one gram equivalent of monobasic acid: e.g., 280 grams of C18 fatty acid or 60 grams of acetic acid.

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