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EPON™ Resin 813


EPON™ Resin 813 is a low viscosity liquid bisphenol-A based epoxy resin diluted with cresyl glycidyl ether.


  • Low viscosity for easy pumping and handling
  • Reacts with full range of curing agents at low temperatures
  • Produces high-strength cured systems resistant to chemical attack
  • Slightly lower odor than butyl glycidyl ether diluted epoxy resins (EPON Resin 815C type)
  • Less prone to crystallization than other diluted epoxy resins

Sales Specification

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Color 75 max. Pt-Co ASTM D445
Viscosity at 25°C ¹ 5 - 7 P ASTM D445
Weight per Epoxide 180 - 195 g/eq ASTM D1652

Typical Properties

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Density at 25°C ¹ 9.5 lb/gal ASTM D1475
Flash Point, Setaflash >199 °F ASTM D3278
Physical Form Liquid
Specific gravity 1.14 g/mL
Vapor Pressure at 20°C Negligible mm Hg

1Vapor pressure of pure cresyl glycidyl ether.

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