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EPON™ Resin 828


EPON™ Resin 828 is an undiluted clear difunctional bisphenol A/epichlorohydrin derived liquid epoxy resin. When cross-linked or hardened with appropriate curing agents, very good mechanical, adhesive, dielectric and chemical resistance properties are obtained. Because of this versatility, EPON Resin 828 has become a standard epoxy resin used in formulation, fabrication and fusion technology.


  • Fiber reinforced pipes, tanks and composites
  • Tooling, casting and molding compounds
  • Construction, electrical and aerospace adhesives
  • High solids/low VOC maintenance and marine coatings
  • Electrical encapsulations and laminates
  • Chemical resistant tank linings, flooring and grouts
  • Base resin for epoxy fusion technology

Sales Specification

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Color 1 max. Gardner ASTM D1544
Viscosity at 25°C 110 - 150 P ASTM D445
Weight per Epoxide 185 - 192 g/eq ASTM D-1625

Typical Properties

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Density at 25°C 9.7 lb/gal ASTM D1475
Density 1.16 g/mL
Refractive Index @ 25°C (77°F) 1.573
Specific Heat 0.5 BTU/lb/°F
Vapour Pressure @ 25°C (77°F) 0.03 mm Hg

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