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Epoxy Systems for Appliance Coatings

Our epoxy resins for coatings on appliances allow for tough, flexible, thick or thin coatings with a variety of processing characteristics. We offer:

High performance NewGen™ waterborne epoxy systems

  • For metal primers
  • Extremely good corrosion protection
  • Faster dry times
  • Significantly lower VOC than solvent-borne systems

EPON™ solid fusion or powder coating grade resins

  • Low VOC
  • No emissions
  • Less waste

One-Component Epoxy Coatings (Baked Cure – Temperatures Above 125°C)

Epoxy Resin SystemPerformance & Features
Food Contact
Solvent Free Epoxy Resins
EPON Resin 1001F
EPON Resin 1002F
EPON Resin 2002
EPON Resin 2024
Powder-grade Curing Agents
EPIKURE™ Curing Agent P-100
EPIKURE Curing Agent P-101
EPIKURE Curing Agent P-108
Highly Recommended

For more information, speak with a Westlake Epoxy representative.

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