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Epoxy Systems for Pressure Tanks

We offer epoxy resin systems for producing Type III & IV hydrogen (H2), compressed (CNG) and liquid natural gas (LNG) tanks with excellent strength and chemical resistance. Our products support filament winding, towpreg and pultrusion processing.

Pressure Tanks

EPIKOTETM Resin SystemsCuring Conditions
Time[min]Temp[oC]Glass Transition
Temp [°C] (DSC Midpoint)
Process Typical Applications 
EP Resin 04976
EK 04976
120 min + 180 min80oC-140oC130oC-140oCFilament Winding PultrusionLNG / CNG tanks approved for Type III and suitable for Type IV
 Remarks:Portlife of >20 hours AT 20oC. 
EP L 1100
EK 943
45 min80oC120oC-130oCFilament WindingLNG / CNG tanks approved for Type IV
 Remarks: Potlife of ~2h at 25oC. Excellent mechanical performance. 
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