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Phenolic Engineered Thermosets for Automotive Under-the-Hood Components

Our Bakelite® phenolic resin systems can be used in a wide range of under-the-hood applications and support multiple injection molding and compression molding techniques. Examples include: engine attachments, pump parts, pulleys, pistons, carbon brush holders, electrical end plates, vacuum pumps, water pump housings, and electrical encapsulation. Composites made with these products can be 30-40% lighter than aluminum and deliver very high:

  • Heat tolerance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Mechanical strength
  • Precision shaping



Dimensional stabilityChemical resistance to Automotive media Thermal stability Creep resistanceDensity (kg/dm3)Coef. of Thermal Expansion (-)Heat Deflection Temp. under 8.0 MPa load (oC)Tensile Strength (MPa)Tensile Modulus (MPa)Flexural Strength (MPa)Flexural Modulus (MPa)Charpy impact strength (kJ/m3)Mold shrinkage long  (%)Post mold shrinkage (%)
Bakelite® PF 1110
2.060.1019015029000260 2700015.50.150.03
Application areas for Bakelite® PF 1110
High precision, mechanically strong motor vehicle engine attachments, pump parts, pulleys and brake pistons.
Bakelite® PF 2874
1.570.321506510500125 105009.00.500.25
Application areas for Bakelite® PF 2874
General purpose parts with high demands on thermal stability, such as carbon brush holders, and end plates for electrial motors etc.
Bakelite® PF 6501
1.600.351708515000180 1250012.00.200.1
Application areas for Bakelite® PF 6501
Dynamically and thermally highly stressed automotive parts, vacuum pump parts and pulleys
Bakelite® PF 6510
1.710.2517510016500200 1550015.00.150.05
Application areas for Bakelite® PF 6510
Parts subject to chemicals and heat, mechanically stressed automotive pump parts like water pump housings.
Bakelite® PF 6680
1.700.2617011520000180 1350015.00.250.05
Application areas for Bakelite® PF 6680
Parts requiring low abrasion in oil contact eg. piston and guidance elements
Bakelite® PF 7596
1.630.23175601600095 140004.750.300.10
Application areas for Bakelite® PF 7596
Fuel and diesel resistant automotive parts in which tribological properties are critical, such as fuel pump impellers and housings.
Bakelite® EP 8412
1.850.231205513000120 150008.50.300.05
Application areas for Bakelite® EP 8412
Encapsulation of electric parts, eg. electromagnetic coil. Excellent moldability.
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