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Epoxy Bonding Paste

If you’re anxious about the longevity of your offshore turbine blade bond lines, our new lightweight, rapid cure bonding paste with excellent fatigue resistance can help. We offer:

  • The strongest track record in the industry
  • The most comprehensive knowledge of bonding technology
  • Continuous innovation based on our research and collaborative technical efforts
  • Research validated through top notch testing capabilities

Wind Composites—Bonding Paste

Epoxy Resin SystemPerformance & FeaturesRemarks
Mix Ratio
Pot Life
Gap Filling
Open TimeCrack
Ease of Use
Hand Lay-up
EPIKOTE™ Resin MGS™ BPR 135 G3 Resin
EPIKURE™ MGS™ BPH 134-137 GF Curing Agent
  • Today's industry benchmark
  • Proven performance over 20 years in the field
  • Wide range of curing agents available
  • Low exothermicity
EPIKOTE Resin MGS BPR 535/EPIKURE Curing Agent MGS BPH 538100:43260>10
  • Next generation
  • High fracture toughness and strain
  • Low density
  • Best-in-class open time
EPIKOTE Resin MGS BPR20/EPIKURE Curing Agent BPH20100:5015<10
  • Cartridge system for field and site repair
  • Ambient cure
  • Good adhesion on unprepared surfaces
  • Composite-to-metal bonding
1) Pot life of 100g in a waterbath at 30°C

For more information, speak with a Westlake Epoxy representative.

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