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Solutions of Semi-solid Epoxy Resins

Semi-solid epoxy resin solutions are easy to handle and are used for ambient cure applications in construction and industrial maintenance coatings.

The EPON™ Resin 834 series is available in xylene or normal butyl alcohol. EPON Resin 836-C-75 is the highest molecular weight Westlake Epoxy semi-solid resin that can be a lower VOC option compared to EPON Resin 1001F.

Typical applications for these semi-solid resins in solution include:

Semi-solid Epoxy Resin Solutions

ProductTypical PropertiesDescriptionApplication
Resin TypeViscocity @25oC, PWPE, g./eq.CoatingsConstructionCompositesAll Others(1)
EPON Resin 834-F-90BPA epoxy solution46 – 148225 – 265Semi-solid epoxy resin at 90% wt. solids in n-butanol
EPON Resin 834-X-80BPA epoxy solution4.5 – 18230 – 280Semi-solid epoxy resin at 80% wt. solids in xylene
EPON Resin 834-X-90BPA epoxy solution63 – 590230 – 280Semi-solid epoxy resin at 90% wt. solids in xylene
EPON Resin 836-C-75BPA epoxy solution3 – 6.5280 – 335Highest mol. weight semi-solid epoxy resin at 75% wt. solids in MIBK

1 Other applications include adhesives, electrical castings, electrical laminates and fibers
2 70% wt. solution in diethylene glycol monobutyl ether

For more information, see Starting Formulations, Technical Data Sheets, or speak with a representative.

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